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It’s spring on my balcony

I want to share all the wonderful veggies and herbs that are currently growing on my balcony due to this wonderful March weather. I am happy to report that everything is in full bloom. I started planting chillie, eggplant and pepper seeds sinds February and they have grown very well. They all have about 4 leaves right now. The eggplant that I sowed this year are Mini Violet Ruby and Violetta di Firenze. I love eggplants for moussaka, chinese pork belly hot pot and so many more dishes.

chillie seedlings


These seedlings are still kept in the propagator but in the morning I put them on my windowsill to get used to the sun. So far I have planted Jamaican red, Cayenne and Goat’s weed. Chillie plants do remarkably well in pots but I found that they are not as hot as they would be when growing in a warmer climate. But still I need my chillies.

Basil & tomato

I need lots of basil during spring and summer because I regularly eat pesto and all kinds of pasta. So I will be sowing basil seeds regularly. I am also trying out some purple basil just because it’s fun.

 The first time I tried this italian kale was last year and it didn’t disappoint. I loved it so much I impatiently waited for March to arrive so that I could sow. They are relatively easy to grow and taste like wild spinach in my opinion.

 I started sowing spinach seeds March 1st and they are growing like crazy. In the back I have some regular spinach and rocket and in the front some wild spinach. It seems like a lot but these will probably only provide me with 2 meals. Oh, well.

 These pea plants make me so proud and very greedy. See, I discovered fresh peas a couple of years back and instantly fell in love. So with that in mind I decided to grow them myself. I can only imagine picking the pods, shelling them and preparing them in some olive oil, salt and pepper, yum!

 I have started growing some sprouts on my window sill; daikon and cress. Whenever I fix myself and egg sandwich I grab some of each and enjoy. They just add a little extra to egg salad. Anyone can grow sprouts, within 2 days you notice the seeds have burst open and another 2 days( in full sun) you can already pick some.

 And these are my carrots (Parisian market). These will grow into small round carrots especially handy for growing in containers. They are ever so cute and also have a great taste.

In the following weeks/months I will be regularly posting how my veggies are doing. I will also be sowing some turnips, swiss chard, courgette and paksoy. So be sure to regularly check back!


See how my veggies grow

The last time I put up some pics of my balcony garden was in March and you won’t believe how everything has grown, even I am surprised every morning I go take a peek at my plants. I can’t wait till I can actually pick a pepper or chilli from my own “garden”. Exciting!!! 🙂

Right now I have so many plants still on my window sill and every other place I can put them it looks like I won’t be able to sit on my own balcony any more. But I am ok with that, it gives me far more joy seeing my hard work pay off and that I will be able to eat what I grow. The plants I still have inside are of course the peppers, chillies, eggplants, courgettes, tomatoes and a couple of herbs like basil. But on the balcony I have strawberries, rhubarb chard, spinach, rocket, peas, beans, carrots, radishes and a lot of lettuce. Honestly the vegetables that are on my balcony now were not very hard to grow. What I learned from last year is that the toughest time is still to come and I am referring to aphids. Aphids are terrible little critters that attack my eggplants, lettuce and peppers. This year I am a bit more prepared because when you spot them early on, you have a better chance to get rid of them before they harm more plants. But I won’t bother you with all the ramblings about aphids because it is still too early for that. Instead enjoy the pics of my balcony garden! I’ll keep you posted on their progress.