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Freshly picked

Finally the weather has turned around and the sun is shining and the temperatures for the past week have remained steady at 18-24°C. I have a fondness for the summer, not only because of the fact that I can finally dress myself in only one layer of clothes but also because it seems that my little garden seems to come alive. All of the veggies and herbs seem to be growing much faster and I have my pick of salad leaves or spinach or radishes. This year I started growing radishes for the first time because I was curious. I read on Farmgirlfare about the ease of growing radishes and I believe in trying everything once so I sowed some seeds in April. And you know what, Farmgirl was right! After 4 weeks I could pull out some radishes and believe me they taste so much better when pulling them out of your own soil.

 The first radish I picked, I just rinsed it and took a bite. It was crunchy, sweet with a slight bitter after taste, YUM! But I had a few more radishes thus decided to try a salad. Mind you, a home-grown salad! Some picked salad leaves, baby spinach leaves and some sliced radish et voilà. The dressing consisted of crumbled goat cheese, yoghurt,garlic and black pepper.

And since the radishes were so yummy they were gone within a week. I could’ve planted another vegetable on that empty spot but I ‘d rather liked those spicy veggies to munch on so I guess I’ll be eating more radishes soon.

I recently ordered yet another cookbook and of course I need to try some recipes so next time I’ll be revealing what I bought and which recipe I tried.

Have a wonderfully lazy, sun-filled day!




What I am sowing this year

Every gardener/amateur gardener(me of course) is already busy making his/her list of what to sow this year. I acknowledge that I made a few mistakes last year so this year I want to give it another try. One of the mistakes I made was that with some vegetables I started too late. With that in mind this year I ordered  some seeds from http://www.123zaden.nl, last year I ordered them from http://www.vreeken.nl. I ordered the seeds when it was very busy so it was partly my fault that it took a while to get here. Anyway last year the tomatoes were tasty and I had no problems with the plants so I wanted to try some different varieties this year. Here is the complete list of what I ordered:

– Green zebra(the name says it all, green tomatoes)

– Rotonda bianca(round whitish eggplant)

– Violetta di firenze(another eggplant)

– Cayenne large(pepper)

– Scotch bonnet(orange pepper)

– Jamaican red(pepper)

– Orange sun(paprika)

Oh and because I orderedI got some extra seeds as a gift, I got some rocket seeds I think. The website was clear, uncluttered and the order arrived within 2 days so I would definitely try them again. I still have some seeds left over from last year so if I can find the room, I would also like to plant them. I want to plant some herbs like marjoram(love it), chives(easy herb), basil of course, oregano and coriander(for currys). I always try to plant a bit of rocket as it is so easy and my pet rabbit loves it. Last year I had a whole lotta trouble with aphids, they were everywhere it seemed especially on my eggplants. So this year I will be ready for them; I will try garlic and green soap. Since I have a balcony garden it’s next to impossible to get a ladybug to visit my plants which is a pity cause that would solve my aphid problem. Oh and I want to get my first raspberry or blueberry tree. Ooh, exciting!!!!                                       Last year I purchased a heating mat to start early because some veggies need to get a head start. So the earliest I will start is mid-February and I will keep you posted.