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Freshly picked

Finally the weather has turned around and the sun is shining and the temperatures for the past week have remained steady at 18-24°C. I have a fondness for the summer, not only because of the fact that I can finally dress myself in only one layer of clothes but also because it seems that my little garden seems to come alive. All of the veggies and herbs seem to be growing much faster and I have my pick of salad leaves or spinach or radishes. This year I started growing radishes for the first time because I was curious. I read on Farmgirlfare about the ease of growing radishes and I believe in trying everything once so I sowed some seeds in April. And you know what, Farmgirl was right! After 4 weeks I could pull out some radishes and believe me they taste so much better when pulling them out of your own soil.

 The first radish I picked, I just rinsed it and took a bite. It was crunchy, sweet with a slight bitter after taste, YUM! But I had a few more radishes thus decided to try a salad. Mind you, a home-grown salad! Some picked salad leaves, baby spinach leaves and some sliced radish et voilà. The dressing consisted of crumbled goat cheese, yoghurt,garlic and black pepper.

And since the radishes were so yummy they were gone within a week. I could’ve planted another vegetable on that empty spot but I ‘d rather liked those spicy veggies to munch on so I guess I’ll be eating more radishes soon.

I recently ordered yet another cookbook and of course I need to try some recipes so next time I’ll be revealing what I bought and which recipe I tried.

Have a wonderfully lazy, sun-filled day!




Tis the season for mushrooms

I absolutely love all sorts mushrooms; shi takes, button, oysters and even the ones I haven’t yet tasted. I cannot imagine not loving every single type of mushroom. If you would’ve asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever consider eating a meal without meat I would have adamantly said “NO”. I did not know what I could eat without feeling that I replaced my precious meats. My thought is that it shouldn’t feel like a replacement but rather something equally yummy. And I am happy to report that I found something to fulfill this need; portobello mushrooms. I tried it the Nigella way, with lots of garlic butter in the oven which is also quite nice but I liked stuffing mine with garlic and pine nuts even more.

Portobello mushroom on a bed of bulgur

I started by scooping some flesh out of the mushroom. Then I sautéed the mushroom pieces with the spinach, garlic, pine nuts and put it aside. The portobello mushroom needed a sprinkle of olive oil, salt and pepper before filling it with the spinach etc. I made some bread crumbs out of a few slices of old bread and topped the mushroom with it. Then into the oven for about 15 min. In the meantime I stirred some bulgur with cranberries and raisins for a sweet bite.

Portobello mushroom with spinach, pine nut filling

Making the portobello mushroom like this did not make me miss meat one bit. Actually I wouldn’t mind eating this once a week, yum! The drawback I feel with mushrooms is that it doesn’t keep well for a couple of days. I usually prepare them the same day or next day otherwise they get slimy. With this new-found fondness of mushrooms I am curious to find more delicious ways to prepare them so that a meat lover like myself would not think about the absence of meat. I will keep you posted!


Beets, a new favorite of mine

The one thing I really wanted to try this winter was beets. I have been curious about them for a while now. They do not grow them where I grew  so I have only known them in a pot in the supermarket aisle. And when I did taste them they did not seem to have any flavor t so I didn’t give them another thought. Until a year ago when my curiosity got the better of me and I tried them once. Only I wasn’t prepared for the time it took to roast them. So I messed up and threw them away but it kept bugging me that maybe I was missing out on something yummy. Thus I decided to give them another try this year and bought some at the market.

I tried roasting them again in foil, giving them 1,5 hours in some olive oil, salt and pepper. Continue reading

I’m back with a yummy pumpkin risotto

I haven’t been active for a while now, I’ve been busy with my new job, adjusting. I knew it was going to be a challenge for me working fulltime while still cooking so often and so elaborate. It was tricky at first but I found out that planning ahead makes all the difference. So friday night or saturday morning I would make a list of things that I knew I would probably crave and do all the shopping on saturday at the market. And that worked pretty well for me. And one of the things I discovered was risotto. I had tried making it before but I didn’t like it but this time I thought I would try another recipe and I loved it. The second best thing about it was that it was the perfect leftover food. The whole day at work I was looking forward to reheating the risotto and scarfing it down. Since it is pumpkin season I tried pumpkin risotto with a few shi take mushrooms. Here it is;











Basically a lot of people always say that risotto is time consuming but I don’t agree. It takes about 30 minutes and then you’re done. And believe me, that is time well spend! Yummy!