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Cooking with spinach from the garden

Today was the perfect day to do spend some time in my (balcony) garden. The weather was kinda bad the past two weeks so I stayed indoors al that time. But the weather wasn’t too bad cause my veggies were growing like crazy. So far I have the usual herbs; basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary and I thought I’d try purple basil this year. I discovered it doesn’t grow as abundant as Genovese basil but the purple color sure makes any pasta dish look more vibrant.

All herbs aside, the veggie that has been growing so well this year is my spinach. I planted it in February and by the April it was ready to eat. Since I do love my pasta, I thought I’d just toss some spinach pasta and mushrooms together. I sautéed the spinach with some garlic first then I added some sliced mushrooms. I poured in a bit of cream and some black pepper and salt. Finally the pasta was added and YUM, YUM.

Spinach picking

Nothing beats sowing your own veggies, picking them and enjoying them at dinner. I’m excited to see what other veggies will be ready for eating and figuring out what to make with them.  I spotted some radishes that are ready for picking so my next post will probably be about radishes.



another idea for leeks

A few days ago at the Dirk grocery store leeks were on sale: €0,49 for 2 huge stalks. AT that time I had no idea what dish I was gonna make because honestly I hardly ever cook with them. I do love them in a potato and leek soup, yummy. But I bought them anyway as they looked good and to me when a vegetable looks good it inspires and challenges me to come up with something delicious. So yesterday I was browsing through my cookbooks and I noticed that they did not have a lot of recipes featuring leeks. Leeks are probably not in the top ten most popular vegetables out there. It’s a shame because I do love their flavour. So far I’ve had them in soup and a chicken pot pie. This time I wanted something different and I came up with pasta with leeks and bacon. I would’ve loved a bit of pancetta in there but bacon is a good substitute. I know Besides being yummy this dish is also ideal for weekdays when you don’t have much time to cook.

I started out with boiling some pasta while heating another pan with oil and frying the bacon. After the bacon was browned I added a bit of butter and followed by the leeks which I sliced in rings and washed. Leeks have to be washed thoroughly as they might contain quite a bit of dirt. I added salt and pepper and put a lid on the pan. After 10-15 minutes the drained pasta was added to the bacon and leek mixture along with some cream. Another 2 minutes and I could serve it up. I grated some parmesan over it as imagined it would taste even nicer, and it did. I already took a bite and then remembered I forgot to take a pic. How greedy am I, right.

Zelfgemaakte pasta en brood

Ik had laatst zo’n zin in pasta met paddestoelen dus heb ik wat paddestoelen gehaald bij AH en ik vroeg me net af of ik nog linguini/tagliatelle in de kast had staan.Ik bedacht me dus op dat moment dat ik het zelf nog kon proberen. Ik heb namelijk een tijdje terug een pasta apparaat gekocht van Imperia bij Kookpunt. Dus dit was een goed moment om het zelf te proberen. Ik had gelukkig nog wat 00′ pasta in huis. Samen met wat eieren en een beetje water,effe laten rusten en klaar. Dus het is pasta met paddestoelen en room geworden. Eerlijk gezegd wist ik niet zo goed wat ik moest verwachten van de smaak van zelfgemaakte pasta maar toen ik het uiteindelijk proefde, ooooh wat lekker. Ik durf te verwedden dat als je eenmaal zelfgemaakte pasta hebt geproefd dat je niets anders wilt. De smaak is wat zachter en de consistentie is fluweliger(is het eerste wat me te binnen schoot). Heel erg lekker dus.
Die zelfde week heb ik voor de 2e keer brood proberen te maken; een combi van wit meel en bruin meel. De eerste keer heb ik een no-knead bread gemaakt van chef Michael Smith en die was ook heel erg lekker.Deze keer moest ik wel kneden dus ik ben een dag van tevoren ermee begonnen. Het is heel makkelijk zelf te maken maar begin wel een dag van tevoren. Ziehier het recept;