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Nick Malgieri’s potato gruyere focaccia and a pie for dinner

The last time I wrote a post I promised to tell you how the potato gruyère focaccia turned out from Nick Malgieri’s book “Bake”. This book was a Christmas present from my little brother and I cannot stop flipping the pages to decide what to make next. So last week I tried his focaccia and honestly, this was by far the tastiest focaccia ever. The bread rose nicely and it was not labor intensive to make. As I am always hungry, the latter is very important to me. This focaccia had so much flavor, the moment I tasted it I knew I would be making this again and again. With some recipes you know they will be a regular in your repertoire. And this potato gruyère focaccia one of them. Unfortunately I only took 1 picture as I wasn’t patient enough to take another. Here it is:

Of course I will be trying lots more from Nick’s book so stay tuned. Maybe I’ll try his oat and honey bread or his ligurian walnut cake. The hardest part about his book is deciding what to make. And as it happens I do spend countless hours deciding what I would like to eat and many more scouring cook books and websites deciding which recipe to use for it. Like yesterday when it was time to decide what to cook. Continue reading


Telo (cassava with fried fish)

This past week I had a craving for all things spicy which is unusual as I normally don’t eat a lot of chillies or spicy food. My sister and mom are the chillie lovers in the family and if they could they would chillies every day. It really is their staple ingredient. My mom is half Indonesian so her part of the family eats lots of spicy foods, I guess I take after my dad or so I thought. At the market this week I saw a packet of little dried salted fish which Surinamese people use for one of the most popular dishes which is called telo. It consists of fried cassava and fried little fish. So I bought a packet of fish along with some adjoema chillies. Continue reading

One of my new year’s resolutions was ..

to eat more fish. I guess like most women I would like to lose a couple of pounds but I know I love food too much so I vowed to eat more fish instead. I am more of a meat eater, I should eat more fish so this year I want to try eat to eat fish at least once a week. At the time I bought a whole sea bass I still had no idea what to do with it. That’s the thing with fish, I never know what to do with it. It’s different with meat though but I am more careful with how long I keep fish in the freezer. So I try to buy the fish 1 or 2 days before I prepare it. This time I thought I’d keep it simple as I would have little time to cook. That’s another scary thing about me; if I am hungry I get really really cranky and I know this about myself so try to feed myself in time.

Anyway, in the interest of time, I steamed the whole fish while I heated some peanut oil in a little pan. The oil needs to be really hot(it should be smoking). In the mean time I cut up 2 sprigs of spring onions and some ginger. The ginger should be cut up into matchsticks. After the fish is done (this shouldn’t take more than 20 min) take it out of the steamer and into a deep dish. The bowl should be large enough for the whole fish and you will understand why in a minute. Put the ginger and spring onions on the fish, also pour some light soy sauce on the fish and as soon as the oil is hot enough, stand back and pour the hot oil on the everything. You really need to stand back for this as the oil will spatter!!!!  Usually I put some paper towels around the dish so I can just throw those away. Don’t worry about the amount of oil, I know it seems like a lot but when eating I only use a small amount. What the hot oil does is that it makes the fish a bit crispy on the outside while creating a bit of a sauce to spoon over the fish. I always eat this fish with jasmine rice because along with the ginger and spring onions it’s not only aromatic, it also taste really delicious. So if ever you don’t have any time to cook and you still want to eat a healthy meal with fish, try this recipe and you will be amazed how easy and tasty it is. Enjoy as I did!