Mussel time

I wasn’t planning on it but as I walked past the market stall with mussels I felt the craving for the shiny molluscs. So I bought a kilo bag of mussels for dinner later on. But how to prepare them this time?

When I came to this country I did not like mussels but as I discovered later on that was due to how they were prepared. Since then I just try everything once and I have yet to be repulsed by something.Thus the trick for people who do not like specific foods is to find different ways to prepare them. So I have tried mussels with white wine, fried mussels and mussels with crumbs baked in the oven. Lucky for me I just caught a show by the kitchen boss Buddy Valastro on TLC. He was preparing mussels by opening them up first and throwing away one part of the shell. Then he combined bread crumbs with herbs, garlic, parsley and oil, put these in a pan and pressed the mussels on top. It took 2-3 minutes and then time for supper. Apparently this is the way italians of his mom’s village prepared their mussels. So I gave it a shot and I wasn’t disappointed, I ate the whole kilo by myself! (yes I know I am quite greedy 😉 ).

Here is the link to Buddy Valastro’s recipe and some pics of how they turned out when I made them.

Needs just a squeeze of lemon juice


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