Whole wheat bread from Nick Malgieri’s “Bake”

As promised I would write more about the recipes I have tried from Mr. Malgieri’s book “Bake”. His recipes are well written and the photographs in the book makes me want to bake everything in it. And so I tried his two-step whole grain bread. This bread is based on a sponge which I made 1 day in advance. The sponge itself is very easy to make but I found out the hard way that making the bread itself takes 1,5 hours longer than I anticipated. The result? I went out to buy some bread for lunch because my bread came out of the oven at 14.30. I thought I’d be eating fresh bread that day but I was off by a couple of hours. This happens to me a lot as I am terribly impatient and I tend to scan the recipe thereby overlooking stuff. And I should know better by now as I have baked my share of breads. Note to self: Be more patient ( when wanting to bake bread!).  

I only made one change to the recipe and that is substituting a 7-grain mixture for the whole meal flour. The dough itself was very sticky but I trust Mr. Malgieri’s judgement so I left it that way. And lo and behold, the bread turned out really yummy. I baked it in a tin as I wanted sandwich bread. Love it!!!           I will certainly be making this again for myself but maybe surprise my aunt Yvonne with this bread. She likes her bread soft so she would definitely like it. Here are some pics:

sponge mixed in with the bread dough

risen shaped dough

check out the texture

Bread like this only needs to be eaten with a few slices of aged cheese and daikon for spiciness




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