It’s already time to sow again

It’s January so it’s time to start thinking about what I want to sow this year so that I can order the seeds in time. Last year I ordered my seeds at 123zaden which I was happy about. If you only have a small order like I had, it fits in your mail box so I only had to pay for the stamp which is perfect for people with small garden(balcony garden). The delivery only took 4 days so I am definitely paying their website a visit again. Other websites I visit for seeds are Vreeken’s zaden, Garant zaden, Bolster,

Fast forward a couple of days, I ordered some seeds from 123zaden and within 4 days they were delivered to my mailbox, perfect. Wanting some more seeds I visited Vreeken’s zaden situated in Dordrecht( about 15 min by train from where I live). I remember from 2 years ago that if you order in January or February it might be a while before your seeds get delivered because it gets really busy around that time. But I was happy to go to the shop as I always see so many useful things there for my garden. When I see the large greenhouses I can picture myself having one of those in my back yard along with my new house( A person can dream can’t they 🙂 ). Anyways I asked the owner, Ton Vreeken if I could take a few pics so you can have a  look how quaint this shop is. It’s a bit small bit that’s what gives it that “Sunday morning nosing around at the flea market” kind of feel.


the owner, Ton Vreeken at work

Packing potatoes for shipping

So everyone in the shop was so nice and if you have any gardening questions you can bet that Mr. Vreeken has the answer to your query. Of course I did not leave empty-handed and it was a hard task narrowing down the seeds I wanted but after wandering around the shop for an hour, here is what I ended up buying:

From top to bottom: Calendula, Thyme, White Tokio onions, Tah Tsai cabbage, mini Violet ruby eggplant, Goat’s weed chilli, Tom Thumb salad, Riccio america spinach and daikon. I love gardening and seeing how everything grows so I started sowing chili and eggplant seeds as they need a longer period of time to reach maturity.

chilli & eggplant seeds sowed

I will keep you updated on how my balcony garden comes along.


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