Review of ” Van der Breggen bakkers “

slow coffee at Breggen


I promised to write another review of a bakkery-café and I chose Van der breggen bakkers which is a national chain in the Netherlands and one happened to open this year near my home. I call them Breggen because the whole name is a mouth full. Coincidentally this bakery-café is near my gym and I also make a point of walking past the bakery window where you can see people shaping, baking and removing fresh bread out of the oven, so enticing, it makes me hungry when I see it. Breggen also has a neutral interior with lots of wood as you will notice in the upcoming pics. They make delicious pastries, breads and sandwiches. They don’t have 15 sandwiches to choose from, only about 6 but these sandwiches are so delicious I could eat them every day and not have a problem. I really am so excited about their sandwiches and I would be happy to eat just that if it weren’t for their delicious apple turnovers. I took a bite of a warm turnover and smiled, Lots of cinnamon, brown sugar and tart apple!! This is the best apple turnover I have ever tasted and I am certainly going back for more. Yes, yes, I am greedy and I know it but some foods are worth going to the gym for!!

So the breads and pastries are excellent and an added bonus is that the staff is terribly nice. What I liked about this place is that I could just enjoy my yummy bread or turnover, surf the internet(yes they do have wi-fi) in peace. It wasn’t as noisy as Het Vlaamsch broodhuys which I am so thankful for. I do have to mention their coffee because they have a unique method for making coffee. They utilize the method to slowly filter the coffee so that the flavor really comes through and they do that in front of you. It was the first time I had coffee made this way and I do feel that even though I could taste the flavor of the coffee much better that because it takes time the coffee is not steaming when you finally get to drink it. That’s too bad but I urge anyone to try a cup of their coffee because it is very flavorful. So yes, I am definitely going back to Breggen! If you would like to visit also you can find the locations here. The one I wrote about is located on the Goudsesingel 39a. Here are some pics:

Breggen bakkers


Breggen's apple turnovers

the seating area at Breggen



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