Review of ”Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys”

Last weekend I visited ” Het Vlaamsch broodhuys” for a late breakfast and a lot of coffee. The night before I had a little too much wine which resulted in me waking up with a mild headache and a little bit grumpy. So I headed out with my bike to get some nourishment. Het Vlaamsch broodhuys is a chain of bakery-cafés where you can do breakfast, lunch and buy freshly made breads and pastries. Of course they started in Amsterdam but this year Rotterdam got it very own Vlaamsch broodhuys and I was excited because it wasn’t far from where I live. The first time I tried a couple of different toppings for my bread which included chicken salad, cheeses, veal, tapenade and assorted meats. This sunday I tried the sandwich with veal, capers and tuna sauce. And it confirmed what I thought having tasted it before; the veal was a little bit too cold, it seemed like it came straight from the fridge. So I was a bit disappointed about my sandwich especially because it was priced at €8. The next time I’m hungry this place would not be the one that springs to mind but if I were to go I would definitely pick something else to eat. What I do like is the interior of Vlaamsch broodhuys, neutral tones and wood are used to give it a clean but still warm feel. Another comment would also be that this place does attract a lot of people(some with noisy kids) and so is not necessarily the place to read a book. Especially around sunday 10-10.30 am. I would suggest to the staff to add wi-fi for people who like to stay connected. My recommendation would be to have a look for yourself because they do have yummy breads but stay clear from the veal sandwich and Sundays( if you like it a bit quiet). Oh and the staff is very nice and prompt. Here are some pics and look out for my next review of Breggen which is also a bakery-café.


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