Going spanish today

I really wasn’t planning on making tortilla but in the grocery store they had discounts on the potatoes, 3 kilos of potatoes for €1 and I just couldn’t pass it up. So that was reason number 1 for making tortilla. reason number 2 was that I love (eating) tortilla. It reminds me of my internship in Barcelona. 5 days a week after work I would rush to my spanish class and I had no time to sit down and eat. And anyone who knows me can tell you how bad I get when I´m hungry. So on that same street where the spanish school was I discovered this café and ordered some bread with tortilla to go. Oh my god, this was really so simple and delicious. I had never tried it before but you just have to try tortilla when visiting spanish speaking countries I think. So I watched the woman toast the baguette and smear garlic and a ripe tomato on it. Then she put this thick slice of tortilla on the bread and wrapped it up for me. Believe me when I tell you I wasn’t prepared for the unbelievable flavor when I hungrily bit into the bread. I was chewing and thinking that I wouldn’t mind eating this every day. And so every day I was looking forward to going to  “uhm” my spanish class. All the wonderful things I tasted when I travelled I try to re-create at home, and every bite reminds me of the woman in the small cafe who made me the tastiest bread with tortilla. Even though tortilla is relatively simple to make, eaten in the way the spanish do makes it a special treat for lunch. That’s how I always thought of it. I have tried tortilla dozen different ways but I always come back to just potatoes and chorizo. And so here is my recipe and the pic of the tortilla that reminds me of Barcelona:

Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees. Fry some cubed potatoes for 5 minutes, not too long because they go into the oven  afterwards. Then in a shallow heat proof pan heat some oil and add the cubed chorizo and heat through until the oil turns a little red( from the chorizo). Then add the potatoes and stir. Meanwhile I whisked 6 medium eggs with some salt, parsley and cheese and poured into the pan with potatoes and chorizo. Leave on the heat for 5 minutes and slide into the oven. I leave it for about 10-15 minutes and then it’s done. Easy as apple crumble!


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