Christmas cookies

Whenever I cook or bake anything I take pics via instagram which then turns up on my twitter feed on my blog. So whenever I twitter what I made it is usually what’s for lunch or dinner. And usually a couple of days later I write the post that goes along with that. And so, a while ago I tried my hand at my first christmas cookies. At my local cooking store ( ) I found this cheerful Wilton cookie cutter set.

Wilton holiday 9- piece cookie cutter set

This set looked so festive I just had to have it. So a couple of days later I whipped up my first batch of sugar cookies. What I found is that the sugar cookies are easy but decorating them really tried my patience. But of course there are like a gazillion people who have more patience than I do so don’t let me scare you off. I used the recipe for cut-out cookies by Nigella Lawson. I halved the recipe for the cookies and the icing and it turned out great. I divided the icing in 2 batches: white and pink icing. Incidentally when I visited the little shop where I buy my flour, chocolate etc. I bought a tube of Wilton’s green decorating icing. So 3 colors for my first cookies was sufficient. I confess that I put in 1 tbsp less sugar in the cookies because I don’t like it when they are overly sweet. The result was a great looking,slightly sweet cookie that I would definitely make again. But I do have to practice my cookie decorating skills and some patience as I know I can do better but these are ok looking for my first try. Because I might be a bit biased I also give lots of what I bake to my sister and her boyfriend to test. They also thought the cookies were yummy so I’m happy.

In order to decorate these cookies I used a cookie decorating set I found at the Lakeland store.  Lakeland is a national cooking store In the U.K. Whenever I travel to the U.K. I always pay them a visit as they always have wonderful things and it varies according to the seasons. This set can be used for decorating cupcakes, muffins ands cakes. I found them so useful and I wouldn’t be a fan if they weren’t easy to clean. Check out their website if you love cooking or baking, guaranteed you will find something you like. I always do!



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  1. Leuk! Breng je die mee met kerst? ; )

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