Guess what I harvested from my (balcony) garden…..

Last summer I wanted to grow something that I could not find in the grocery store and that turned out to be cavolo nero aka italian kale. I had no idea what it would taste like and I could do with it. So I sowed the seeds in the summer and in October I had a wonderful little cabbage like plant that kinda cheered up my garden but still I had no idea what to do with it. I guess I was lacking inspiration because I was trying to compare it with another vegetable before even tasting it. I browsed countless hours for recipes on the web and found wonderful recipes like ribollita which the italians most use it for. Then last week I decided I wouldn’t let this wonderful vegetable go to waste. I didn’t want to drown the taste with too many flavours or ingredients for my first try so I kept it basic. First I tried some raw and I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. Very crunchy and neutral. After that I boiled it for 3 minutes then I stir fried it in a wok with some olive oil, garlic and salt. After tasting what I prepared I am very enthusiastic about this veggie. It has a wonderful bite to it and if I had to compare the taste with another vegetable I would pick regular cabbage. I am so happy about the taste I will be sure to sow some again next season. In fact I will sow lots. Here is what the prepared cavolo nero looks like;


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