Fougasse for lunch and sweet chilli chicken for dinner

I wonder if people in my vicinity know how much I really love food and cooking+baking. Sometimes I just don’t tell them what I’ve been whipping up again because they will think that I have too much time on my hands or just plain greedy. This particular day was a good example as I woke up and thought a fougasse would taste very nice with some parma ham for lunch. So I used an easy recipe from Lorraine Pascale who has a cooking show on BBC named “Baking made easy”. The show is quite nice for people who are just starting out with baking and she gives lots of baking tips. So I made my fougasse with chorizo and marjoram which is just wild thyme. When the dough was rising I biked to my friendly neighbourhood italian to get some parmaham. But of course I came home with much more than the ham. Sigh! Food is too tempting.

Anyways after eating my scrumptious fougasse and parma ham, I was already looking forward to dinner. And today I was having jasmine rice with sweet chilli chicken stri fry.  This recipe is courtesy of another chef who has a show on BBC too. Her show is named; Chinese food made easy. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I do watch a lot of cooking shows. I’d rather watch real cooking shows than masterchef cause I learn from the cooking shows whereas the latter is more entertainment. Ok, back to dinner.

The recipe from Chinh-He Huang(the chef from Chinese food made easy) is indeed easy. The only thing that I changed is that I used thicken thighs as I think they have more flavour which means more fat(blah blah). After cutting the chicken into pieces toss them into a mixture of corn flour, black pepper and egg white. Then fry until golden brown and remove from wok. Cut pieces of garlic and ginger and chilli and add to the wok. Then add some sweet chilli sauce to the wok and let bubble away( just 5 min). Add the chicken back and some spring onions and you’re done. Easy, Peasy and so mouthwatering good!




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