Finally summer weather

I think anyone would agree in the Netherlands that the summer weather was pretty disappointing. There was lots of rain and it was rather chilly, in fact most of my summer clothes were returned to the basement unworn. And so last week I started packing all of my summer clothes and unpacking some of my clothes appropriate for fall. Much to my surprise the upcoming week was rather sunny and hot. So I headed to the basement again to grab a couple of dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining because this is just the kind of weather my garden needs. So I thought I would give you an update of how everything turned out so far. The only thing that I had to throw away were the paksoi plants as they were infested with aphids. But it was kinda my fault as I forgot to water them a day or two so they were weakened and that made them an easy target for the aphids.

First the carrots and tomatoes. I planted baby carrots and they came out beautifully(see pic below). I used a small pot and still got so many baby carrots. Furthermore I was surprised how easy they were to grow and of course they were quite tasty. I also picked two cherry tomatoes from my tomato plant and they were wonderfully juicy and flavourful.

Then the eggplants. Last year my eggplants wouldn’t grow so this year I made sure to start early and be vigilant about water and fertilizer. Since eggplants need warmth to grow I decided to keep them inside. And this year I tried white eggplants and purple ones. I didn’t have much hope as last year was a disaster but I am delighted 🙂 to report that both varieties grew quite well. I had a small problem with aphids but it was averted in the early stage.

violetta di firenze

I also wanted to try swiss chard and cavolo nero. I am pleased to report that they were both easy to grow and totally do-able in a pot.

Rotonda bianca

cavolo nero

swiss chard yellow

Jamaican red

For fall I have recently sowed spinach and swedes and some more carrots. Later on I will give you an update on how things are coming along in my mini garden. For now, I hope you enjoy the pics of these yummy veggies.



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