another idea for leeks

A few days ago at the Dirk grocery store leeks were on sale: €0,49 for 2 huge stalks. AT that time I had no idea what dish I was gonna make because honestly I hardly ever cook with them. I do love them in a potato and leek soup, yummy. But I bought them anyway as they looked good and to me when a vegetable looks good it inspires and challenges me to come up with something delicious. So yesterday I was browsing through my cookbooks and I noticed that they did not have a lot of recipes featuring leeks. Leeks are probably not in the top ten most popular vegetables out there. It’s a shame because I do love their flavour. So far I’ve had them in soup and a chicken pot pie. This time I wanted something different and I came up with pasta with leeks and bacon. I would’ve loved a bit of pancetta in there but bacon is a good substitute. I know Besides being yummy this dish is also ideal for weekdays when you don’t have much time to cook.

I started out with boiling some pasta while heating another pan with oil and frying the bacon. After the bacon was browned I added a bit of butter and followed by the leeks which I sliced in rings and washed. Leeks have to be washed thoroughly as they might contain quite a bit of dirt. I added salt and pepper and put a lid on the pan. After 10-15 minutes the drained pasta was added to the bacon and leek mixture along with some cream. Another 2 minutes and I could serve it up. I grated some parmesan over it as imagined it would taste even nicer, and it did. I already took a bite and then remembered I forgot to take a pic. How greedy am I, right.


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