Spring market at “groene passage”

Menno’s bread stall

Last saturday I visited the spring market at the “groene passage”. Groene passage is a store that has several organic stores inhouse. They feature an organic bakery, a grocery store “Gimsel”, an organic cafe, a store with organic house wares and a butcher’s shop. About a year ago I got interested in organic food, does it really taste better than food bought in a regular grocery store?? So I wanted to try and visited the “groene passage”. This grocery store is a mekka for people who like organic food. Everything you find in a regular grocery store you can find here and more. Veggies like kale and swede which you cannot find in AH or C1000. But a review about this organic multi store facility is for another time, right now I thought it would be nice to tell you about my visit to the Spring market which was held in front of the “groene passage”. There were about 15 market stalls organized in a circle. I have to mention that I arrived early(about 10.10am) so it wasn’t very busy yet but around 11.00am when I left there where a  I saw Menno’s bread, organic cheeses, fresh organic juices, I even saw a stall selling potted herbs which I ‘ve never heard of. I got offered a piece of rocker I’ve never tasted before from a friendly guy selling mushrooms, so nice. Eventually I bought a piece of cheese which had been aged for about 6-8 weeks; salty yet creamy. The market stall of the butcher offered spare ribs and sausage rolls and after tasting the sausage rolls I treated myself to 2. I cannot tell you how I enjoyed these sausage rolls, they were nothing like the ones you buy at the grocery store. You could actually taste the meat, spices and onions in these, delicious!!! I know that the next time they have a market day like this I will certainly visit again, although it isn’t very good for my wallet.

mushroom stallcheese stall

organic cheese stall


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