What macaroni and cheese is to the americans, that is what this dish means to me

I love, love cured beef. What I love about it is its versatility and taste, it can be paired with so many vegetables like eggplant, snake-eye beans,pumpkin etc. The beef is cured with a lot of salt so it is cooked for about an hour or so that it is less salty and it is ready to use. The cured beef is available at chinese shops, surinamese shops and even at some grocery stores(AH, C1000). I usually buy it in a bucket, that’s how much I use. But at grocery shops and at the market it is sold by the piece. It doesn’t matter which season and what the weather is like a dish made with cured beef tastes homey to me. I usually cook the cured beef with either snake-eye beans or eggplant. All you need for this dish is garlic, tomatoes, onions and chillies. It is a quick dish to make and you only dirty one pot so it’s easy cleanup after dinner. Here is what the cured beef looks like when cooked with either snake-eye beans(pic1) or with eggplant(pic2).

cured beef with snake-eye beans

cured beef with eggplant


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