My mixer broke down, Kitchenaid Artisan or Kenwood KMX?

Last weekend I was invited my one of my sisters to a sleepover at her house and the first thing that went through my head was: what can I cook up in the kitchen or rather what can I make that does not require the use of a mixer? Because a couple of days before the invitation my mixer broke down ūüė•¬†while mixing a batch of flour for a loaf of bread.¬†I tried everything before I finally gave up and kneaded the bread dough myself. I was a bit panicky at the prospect of being without a mixer. That meant that I would not be able to bake anything for a while. I quickly pondered if I should buy another stand mixer from Philips which cost about¬†‚ā¨40 or the Kitchenaid¬†which I’ve been wanting for a while¬†now. I like the design of the Kitchenaid¬†but what I find frustrating is the prices in Europe versus the price of the Kitchenaid¬†in the United States. You can buy a Kitchenaid¬†online for $300 in the United States, why are they that expensive here. If it wasn’t for the weight of 11 kilograms I would ask my sister to bring me one. But alas, complaining will not lower the prices so I went online to find info on the Kitchenaid and the Kenwood KMX54. The Kenwood has more power and the price was significantly lower(‚ā¨280) which would appear as if the Kenwood is a better choice but I did stumble on other people who did comparisons on these 2 gadgets and what I learned is this:

Although the Kitchenaid only has 325Watt, the motor is in the front of the mixer and thus has a shorter way to travel to the hooks compared to the Kenwood motor which is in the back of the mixer.

And the colors, aren’t they fabulous? Limegreen, fuchsia, who wants something boring on your kitchen counter?? Also most chefs have a Kitchenaid mixer and if it is to the chefs liking it must be a sensible machine, right??

I compared the prices of the mixers online and found 3 sites which offered the Kitchenaid¬†Artisan for ‚ā¨399, elektrokoopjes, elektrowarenhuis¬†and redcoon. A red Kitchenaid¬†on costs ‚ā¨399 while the other 2 websites featured the limegreen¬†Kitchenaid. I have never bought such an expensive and vulnerable appliance from the internet so I researched the webshops. I found that a lot of people complained about the redcoon webshop so I opted for I placed my order on friday so I hope that by the end of this week I will be baking again. Of course I will feature my Kitchenaid on my blog when it arrives, can’t wait!!!

Update: After 4 days I got a message from the customer service of saying that the color Kitchenaid I wanted was not in stock at that time and I could either wait another week for that particular color or pick another color. So I e-mailed back that fuchsia or yellow would be fine with me. What I liked about the customer service of this webstore is that the one I wanted was not available and so they gave me the option of picking another one even though the price was higher. I am a sucker for this kind of customer service :-D. The next time I need a blender or some kind of electronic device I know where to order it from.

Update: Here is my new mixer, it was love at first sight!!


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