Spring is in the air

I try very hard to be good about eating according to the season. Usually I head to the market on Saturday so on friday I check on bbc.co.uk/food what is appropriate to eat. I think it makes sense to eat according to the season because eating strawberries in winter is just odd. Having every single vegetable or fruit in any month of the year is not necessary I think. I guess by doing this I can make a small contribution to the environment. Anyways(I ge side-tracked a lot, I know) at the Rotterdam market I can always tell when spring time has begun because fresh peas are abundant. Peas in a can are ok when I need to make a chicken pie but fresh peas taste terrific as a side dish cooked with onions, black pepper and salt. They just burst in your mouth! Super yummy.

Another vegetable that is widely available in Spring is spinach. I happen to grow my own spinach on my balcony garden which I do for me and my pet rabbit. And on this particular day I lusted after a Thai green curry and not just any single one, one from my Nigel Slater book(my favorite author when it comes to cooking). I did not follow the recipe exactly as I wanted to make it healthier by adding some veggies. And so in this case I added some peas and spinach. Well. here it is, Nigel’s recipe with my additions;

-chicken( I used chicken thighs as these are juicier than chicken breast)


-coconut milk(400 ml)

-coriander, thai basil leaves

-stock(chicken is fine)

-fresh peas(boiled for 5 min)

-fresh spinach

f0r the green curry: whiz the following ingredients in a food processor

-coriander(handful), green chillies(6), garlic(3), galangal(3cm), shallots(2), lime juice, nam pla, black pepper

Nigel’s recipe makes a curry paste for 4 so I had some left over which I kept in a jar filled with oil so it doesn’t go bad. This way it keeps for a week. You also don’t have to add all of the paste, add and taste. you can always add more.

Chop the chicken in pieces and heat in a pan with oil, let it brown for a bit. Then remove from the pan and add the mushrooms. When the mushrooms are cooked through add the coconut milk,chicken stock, the green curry paste, salt and black pepper. At this point I add the peas and let everything simmer for 15 min. If you want a stronger curry taste you can add a bit more paste. At the end I add the spinach to the pan and turn off the heat. Here are some pics, hope you like them :



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