my first try at churros

A few times a week I get a craving for chocolate, I honestly think I am addicted to chocolate. If I had my way I would eat it every other day, in some kind of dessert of course. Well, on this day I was browsing through some of my favorite food websites and I spotted this delicious recipe for churros with chocolate on the “baking bites “website. It looked so delish , I decided to try it. Making these churros was quite easy but I did not have a deep fryer so I went over to use my sister’s fryer. When I was done I went back to my place(she lives really close to my home) and started the chocolate sauce. The great thing about this recipe for churros is that it is super easy to put together and these ingredients are probably in everyone’s cupboard. here is the link to the recipe and some pictures of the churros I made:



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