Another bread day

As I said in my last post I love bread, any kind of bread really. I recently discovered simit which is a round bread with a hole in it from Turkey. I buy it at the market for €0,60 a piece. And it is so scrumptious, I eat it while I bike home from the market and it gives me the most satisfying feeling.

But to get to my own bread baking again. A while ago I bought “the bread bible” from Rose Levy Beranbaum but had yet to try a recipe from the book. Why, you ask? Well, it is a very comprehensive book, lots of details and maybe too much for a beginner like me. So to put it plainly, I guess the book is a bit intimidating. But my curiousity/fascination with bread lingered so I finally tackled the book and tried my first recipe. The recipe was for a basic hearth bread which was mostly white bread flour with a bit of whole wheat and honey. I started in the morning and I baked it at 16.00 so it almost took the entire day. But I actually was only handling the bread for about an hour or so. So the fact that it needed to rise 2 times and the autolyse took so much time. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I have to say that I loved the bread. I will be sure to make it again. The bread lasted for about 3 days in a bread bag and if I still had some left over, I made toast with pesto to keep me at bay while cooking. This bread makes excellent sandwich bread but this bread was so delish, some pieces I just ate with some butter. Here are the pics;



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