hankering for bread

My earliest memory of tasty bread was when I was about 12 years old. When I was at that age I could go along with my mom and dad for their drive to the bakery. At night, I would say about 9 o’clock  the bakery would sell freshly made loaves of bread right out of the oven. I remember my dad walking in the side door of the bakery and returning with a  bag full of bread which were still warm. MMMMMM, yummy! I sank my teeth into the still warm bread and chewed very slowly to savour that first bite. That’s when I knew that good bread does not need anything on it, no butter, no bacon, just plain bread. But it wasn’t until recently that I started to bake my own bread. I started of with no-knead bread because that seemed like a good place to start. And after a few good tries, I felt that I could try other recipes. So I searched for recipes to try and finally found one I wanted to try at a food blog(http://uitdekeukenvanarden.blogspot.com). I am now such a fan of this blog because this women really has a passion for bread and she’s very knowledgeable about baking bread. I tried her recipe for oatmeal seed bread and here is how it turned out. But be warned that the shape of my bread turned out a bit funny and that is my doing. But otherwise the bread tasted great and I would definitely make it again.



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