update balkony garden

The weather is improving; it is bearable to go outside again and we even had a few days when the sun peeked at us. Since the temperature is a bit higher I have begun to plant some more veggie seeds. I started with the chillies, peppers and eggplants in late February since they need more time to develop. The seeds that I sowed in March were coriander, thyme,marjoram, carrots, beets and peas. I was a bit worried because the eggplants took so long to sprout but a few days ago I finally saw it coming through. Here are the pics:


The veggie that has also been growing well is spinach, I planted a few seeds outside about a month ago and I believe I will be eating spinach in another 3 weeks.

Most of the seeds I planted came out already so I’m happy. My goal this spring and summer is to be able to eat veggies from my garden and since I am determined to do just that I found the perfect thing to help me with that. I have been eyeing a plastic greenhouse for my balcony. I thought it would be perfect for my small balcony and I could protect my veggies better against the weather. An added bonus is that I have more room to grow whatever I want. So last week I went to buy it at Vreeken’s zaden in Dordrecht for 49,95 and it was quite easy to set up. It fit perfectly on the balcony and I was beaming at the prospect of having the room to grow so much more. So I did what any other amateur gardener would do, I went and bought some more seeds. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and afterwards I wonder if there’s gonna be a place left for me on the balcony. Oh well, I’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening on my balcony.


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