A staple dish from Surinam

The dish that I will be posting about next is one that is probably a regular on every surinamese dinner table. The dish I am talking about is chicken with rice and snake eye beans. My grandma used to make it for her grandkids when we stayed at her house. There were times that some 7 or 8 grandchildren were at her house. So this dish is ideal as a whole chicken is used which you later chop into smaller pieces and thus feeds a lot of hungry children. And vegetables that go so well with this chicken are snake eye beans. So delicious!! This dish can also be found at most restaurants /warungs in Surinam but also here in the Netherlands. Its origins (the chicken) lies in Indonesia but my grandma uses 5 spice powder in this dish which is chinese so as most food in Surinam; it is a mix. Today I added some ingredients to the traditional recipe such as lemongrass, grated galangal and shallots(in the marinade). My grandmother’s recipe uses soy(salty), garlic,salt, black pepper and chicken powder to marinate the chicken in. The chicken is bought whole and marinated for an hour before frying it. After it’s fried on a medium flame, the chicken is chopped into pieces and simmered for a half hour. I fried the grated galangal to sprinkle on the chicken when it was done. The lemongrass I bruised and added to the chicken for simmering. I liked this dish as I could taste a bit of my grandma’s chicken but with added flavour. Next time I’ll try it just her way. I think that it is important preserving recipes from the older generation, I would hate for it to be forgotten when it taste so good. Here is a picture of the fried whole chicken and what I ate for dinner:



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