perfect weather for soup

But which soup to make??? red lentil soup, geen pea soup or chicken soup, so many soups to pick from. But one of my favorite soups which I saw on a cooking show by Nigel Slater but the chef cooking it was Peter Gordon. The soup was his version of a chicken laksa . laksa is a soup from South-East Asia and there are a lot of versions. The noodles he used for this dish were buckweat noodles but lacking those I used udon noodles.  Here is the recipe;

– chicken thighs(with skin)

– garlic cloves(whole and chopped)

– carrots(finely chopped)

– onions(diced)

– ginger(finely chopped)

– chillies(finely chopped)

– tamarind (about a spoonful)

– chicken stock(I have used beef stock and that’s fine too)

– noodles(buckwheat/udon or whatever you have in the cupboard)

– tamari

note: I like to put shitake mushrooms in this soup but it is optional

Roast the chicken thighs with garlic cloves(with skins) in a 200 degree oven for 25 min. Pour some sesame oil on the chicken and garlic before putting in the oven. When they’re done let the chicken cool and slice into pieces. Pour the roasting oil into a pot and add the  ginger, carrots,chopped ginger, oinions,chillies. Let it all cook until a bit caramelised. Then add the roasted garlic and some tamarind. Stir and pour some chicken stock into the pot. Let it simmer for about 10 min. In the mean time cook the noodles and drain. After 10 min add tamari(wheat free soy sauce). Then you’re done! Spoon this soup over the noodles et voila. Isn’t that fast or what??


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