When I think about food from home,

I think about making moksi alesi. Moksi alesi is a rice dish from Surinam which only requires the use of one pot. Besides reminding me of home, this dish can be eaten winter or summer and it has one of my favorite pieces of meat in it. The meat that goes in this dish is salted beef which I buy at the chinese supermarket but nowadays AH also carries it. I buy this meat in small bucket and cook half of it immediately. The reason for cooking a large amount immediately is that it can be stored in the freezer for quite some time and if I need a quick meal, I take out a piece. Cooking the beef for 1,5 hours also gets rid of some of the salt because it is very salty. Anyway, a lot of people have different ways of making this dish but I stick to the next ingredients;

– rice(I use surinamese rice as it is a bit drier but my aunt has also had success with basmati rice)

– snake eye beans

– salted beef(chopped)

– chicken wings

– black eye beans(already cooked)

– small dried shrimp(let them soak in some water for a few minutes)

– tomatoes(diced)

– onions(diced)

note: some people lay a whole pepper on the rice

I start by  stir frying the onions and tomatoes, then I throw in the shrimp. The chicken and beef follow and some tomato paste is added. At this point I add the beans and stir everything together. If it already smells fabulous, add the rice and stir so that it is all mixed together. Then add a bit of water, I can’t tell you how much cause I always eye it. If you’re used to cooking rice, use the same amount of water. Season with black pepper, chicken powder and salt. Let it simmer for 15/20 minutes then add the black eye beans.  The rice kernels should be separated not sticky and you’re done. This dish is one of my favorite surinamese dishes and my go-to dish when I miss home or just want something tasty. If you don’t have the exact ingredients, this dish can be made with dried fish, cabbage, other kinds of beans and smoked chicken. And if you really want a treat fry some baking banana. Choose a ripe banana, the sweet taste goes really well with the moksi alesi. Enjoy!



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