The Rotterdam market

Every Saturday no matter what the weather I go to the market of Rotterdam. I have seen a couple of food markets like Almere, Amsterdam, Barcelona etc. and I have to say that when it comes to the Netherlands, the market of Rotterdam measures up pretty well. I really believe that whatever you need, this market has got it. And what I mean by that remark is that ingredients used by the cultures that are residing in The Netherlands are all available.  The surinamese culture is well represented as they have about 3 booths on the market. here you can get okra, masala, sweet potato, kang kung, dried fish and lots more. The Moroccans have spices, lots of different olives, rosewater, risotto rice and again lots more.  There is however one booth on the market that captures my attention every time. Why, you ask? Well, first of all everything in their booth is so beautifully displayed that I want to buy it all. Every time I walk by, I make up some excuse to buy something because I will probably need it later in the week. And the second reason why I can’t resist pausing every time I walk by is that besides selling peppers and leeks is that they sell purple carrots, Romanesco broccoli, Jerusalem artichokes,  porchinis and so much more. Somethings vary depending on the season which I think is a good thing; sometimes they might have puy lentils, orange or yellow beets. I can’t sum up all the things they sell at this booth because I will be sitting here quite a while so I took pics for you guys. I spoke to the lady who is responsible for such a delightful booth and upon asking how she came to feature such rare foods she responded that she herself likes to cook and these are the foods she likes. She also noticed that now more people are willing to try new things when it comes to food. And I think she is quite right because whenever I see their booth it is crowded with people. And what I think is an added bonus is that because some of these ingredients are forgotten people might not be familiar with them and so if you ask one of the sales people they will happily give you instructions on how to prepare them. So if you wanna try something new and you can´t find it try the Rotterdam market and stop by this booth which is located in the aisle where the sell seafood.


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