chicken cacciatore

I watch a lot of old and new cooking shows which is where I found the recipe for chicken cacciatore. I was able to download a lot of cooking shows hosted by Giada deLaurentis who is a italian/american chef for The Food network. When cooking I hardly ever measure ingredients only when I’m baking I am meticulous because then it really is required. One of Giada’s complaints was that most people have eaten this dish but it is almost always made too sweet. In reality she says that using a red bell pepper is enough to sweeten this dish just enough. And in her video she shows her version of this popular dish which I decided to to make last monday. Here are the ingredients(but not the amounts, trust your instinct);

-chicken( I use chicken with bone as the taste is less bland than chicken breast)


-peppers(red are sweeter than other colors)


-onions(chop roughly)

-white wine

-chicken broth(combined with the wine the chicken should not be immersed just halfway is perfect)

-chopped canned tomatoes


To start, season chicken with black pepper and salt, give them a whirl through the flour and dust the excess off. Heat oil to medium and fry the chicken until brown. After they are brown, take them out and turn the flame down a bit. Put in the onion and garlic and let the onions turn translucent. Then add the peppers and simmer for  a while. Add the wine,chicken broth, capers and tomatoes and bring to a boil. Once boiling put the chicken back in, turn the heat to medium and put the lid on. I normally leave it for an hour because I like it when the meat is falling off the bone.  Off course I also posted a picture of the finished product but beware I am not a photographer so the picture might not be that nice but I can tell you that it tasted fantastic and if you don’t believe me try it yourself. Enjoy!


2 responses to “chicken cacciatore

  1. Chicken cacciatore is definitely my mothers favorite meal and mine as well. Wonderful post.

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