When it’s cold I crave all things cinnamon..

Sometimes when it’s so dark and cold outside I feel a bit nostalgic for the times when my grandma would make bread with cinnamon for all her grandchildren. In those times there were always about 6 to 7 grandkids at her house. And most of the time she would ask us what we wanted to eat and we would all respond with: cinnamon bread. It’s not the kind that most people know and can buy at the store. It is so easy to make but the best thing in the world when I am feeling homesick. My grandmother would use white sandwich bread, spread it generously with butter and cover with white sugar and cinnamon. Then she would either steam it or put it into a sort of contraption. The latter was a metal form which could hold 1 sandwich tightly and she would put it above the stove. After about 7 min the whole kitchen would smell like cinnamon and butter,aaahh. It’s just like being in my grandma’s kitchen again. Anyway this metal form was used in the old days instead of a grill I guess but since I was feeling nostalgic I asked my mom where I can get one.  I believe that sometimes new things don’t automatically mean that they’re better than their predecessor.  So on this particular day I decided to give the cinnamon bread a try, it’s really so easy nothing can go wrong. But I decided to steam them instead of grill. Be careful not to leave them to long or they will turn soggy. Here’s the first one;


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