pizza anyone??

Last night I knew I wanted pizza for the weekend so made a list for the toppings which were parmaham, mozarella and basil.  So I knew I needed to go to the italian close to the market. So I did just that and happily returned home. Then I had a dilemma; which recipe to follow for the dough? I discovered that one recipe was made using bread flour, another used semolina flour, another used normal flour and finally one recipe uses “00”flour. I was uncertain which one would turn out to be the tastiest of them all. Finally I decided to give them all a try, not at once of course. But today I tried a recipe using bread flour from one of my old Delicious magazines. The topping consisted of the items I purchased at the italian store and some mushrooms I had left over. So I started at noon, mixing and kneading the dough and then letting the dough rest. A couple of hours later the dough had risen to twice indicating that the yeast has done its job. So I began rolling it out and preparing the toppings. The pizza came out the oven smelling of sweet basil and I almost couldn’t resist taking a bite but I knew I had to take a picture for this blog first.  So here are the pictures and check back in to see how the other pizza recipes turned out!


7 responses to “pizza anyone??

  1. Sounds yummy! Send me some please!

  2. Looking good!!!
    Why wasn’t I invited?

  3. RAQ????!!!! Moet ik er nou op DEZE manier achter komen dat je pizza hebt lopen bakken?? Moet er niet door iemand geproefd worden? Mening van buitenaf?

    • ik dacht dus omdat je gister al pizza had gegeten dat je niet de volgende dag weer zin had in pizza, want ik had weer eens teveel gebakken

      • Wie kan er nou NIET 2 keer achter elkaar pizza eten?! Doen Italianen toch ook al eeeeh… een paar jaar… of misschien zelfs NOG langer!

        Maarre… zag er goed uit hoor!

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